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North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany

Even after more than 100 years of existence, we faithfully follow the motto “Tradition obliges! For us, tradition always means innovation as well, because the tried and tested does not exist without constant improvement and further development.

In 1917, our great-grandfather Wilhelm van Nahmen founded a Rhenish sauerkraut factory. In the 1930s, the company was converted to the production of apple juice from the local region. Juice was made from apples from the tall trees of the orchards that are so typical of the Lower Rhine and Münsterland regions. To this day, we make an important contribution to the preservation of these meadows. Since 1994, we have been committed to a surcharge concept together with the nature conservation organisation NABU.

The rare fruit varieties of the Lower Rhine and other regions of enjoyment have been pressed into single-variety juices since 2007. Each juice has its own distinctive aroma. This special aroma is also the trademark of innovative products from our traditional company, such as the alcohol-free fruit sparkling wine, which is a successful alternative to sparkling wine and champagne. In 2017, we toasted the 100th anniversary of our family business with the fruit sparkling wine. In the future, we will remain true to the principle of the tradition of the ancestral cider craft for the production of new, aromatic products. Enjoy the pure taste of nature with us.

For our apple cider, we only use fruit from traditional fruit varieties. To guarantee the fruity aroma and a refreshing taste, the fruits are only harvested and gently pressed at the end of their ripening process.

Enjoy a refreshing and complex drinking experience – no matter what the season. Whether with tarte flambée, apple strudel or hearty German dishes, the apple cider is a harmonious accompaniment. The sparkling apple wine is best drunk chilled from white wine glasses.

Try our two apple cider variations now: Our mild apple cider with 2% alcohol or our dry alternative with 4% alcohol.

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