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Betzi Cidergeil

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Germany - Baden-Wuerttemberg - Crailsheim

Franconian Handcrafted Cider

betzi cidergeil is premium cider made from regional meadow apples. We value naturalness and refinement of our products for full flavour. Our concept protects nature on our doorstep and supports regional cideries and meadow orchard culture. All our products are lovingly produced by hand. They are sustainable, vegan, gluten-free, regional and pure nature!

betzi – that’s what we call our young cider start-up, made up of apple and nature lovers. The products, the design up to the self-constructed bottling line are all from our own hands. We source our ingredients exclusively from the region, like the rhubarb for our homemade syrup. We collect the apples from local orchards.

Sustainability is an important concern for us, because the meadow orchard is an ecological hotspot on our doorstep. Pure nature for humans, animals and insects – an important compensation for the heavy construction and intensive agriculture. The preservation of regional orchards and their diversity is close to our hearts! Through cooperation with cideries and communities with tree sponsorships, we would like to contribute to the preservation of this cultural asset. Support us and become an apple friend with betzi!