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Germany - Bavaria - Altmühlfranken

The ECHT BROMBACHSEER manufactory was founded as a cooperative in order to permanently secure and further develop the special potential of the cultivated landscape in the Brombachseer Hügelland, which is characterised by cherry high trunks.

The uniqueness of the Brombachseer sweet cherry tradition is evident with over 30 different sweet cherry varieties as well as over 10 sour cherry varieties. Among these, there is still a stock of 85% old varieties, especially in the meadow orchards, but these are increasingly no longer selling in the trade. Although they are very aromatic, they do not meet the requirements for long storage and transportability.

In order to safeguard this landscape potential for the future and thus also to ensure an attractive recreational and holiday landscape, the manufactory ECHT BROMBACHSEER was founded.

Its members are the town of Spalt and the market town of Absberg with all its districts, as well as the interested fruit-growing, horticultural, local history and tourism associations of the two communities. The manufactory wants to preserve this old cultural asset through innovative product developments and marketing geared towards these goals.