IG Swabian Cider

The Swabian Cider Interest Group is an association of committed cider producers from Baden-Württemberg. They stand for the production of high-quality and quality-tested cider products from typical apple and pear varieties of the orchards that characterise the cultural landscape. They are committed to preserving and reviving old cider traditions and market their sparkling ciders together under the collective brand “Swabian Cider”. At CiderWorld’21 online, Swabian ciders from four producers of the community of interest were awarded gold and silver.

CiderWorld'21 Award

2021 CiderWorld Award Gold

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger – Schwäbischer Wiesenobst Cider
Mosterei Seiz – Herbert

1785 Cider – Perry Cuvée 2020
Boller Fruchtsäfte Stolz – Boller Birnen Bizzler

CiderWorld'21 online