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JUNG and juicy – for the love of nature

For more than 20 years, the Jung family has been producing and selling direct juices and cider from meadow orchards. If you ask father and son about their motivation, they both answer: “Our heart beats for the meadow orchard”.

Already in the second generation, father Klaus Jung and son Leander Jung-Lüdemann feel called to protect local orchards. With up to 5,000 animal and plant species, they stand for biodiversity and sustainability. Unfortunately, however, they are now among the most endangered biotopes in Europe.

And so JUNG dedicates itself to the fight for the preservation of these unique cultural landscapes. And the most valuable weapons for this fight are: The fruits! Better, the direct juices, spritzers and ciders made from the unique and unsurpassed tasting fruits of these trees. Because only the old varieties of the tall and robust fruit trees create such an explosion of flavour as the JUNG products offer.
Father and son together currently cultivate over 25 hectares of orchard land, the majority of which is certified organic. Areas without certification are in conversion and are being consistently prepared for organic certification. But regardless of whether they are organic or not, apart from pruning the trees, there is no further intervention in the areas and thus in nature. No chemicals, no pesticides. Old dead trees remain in the area, they serve as an important basis of life for the animal and plant world. New trees are planted next to them as replacements – up to 100 per year.

It is the old and unchanged fruit varieties, such as the Bohnapfel, the Goldparmäne, the Gravensteiner, that make up the character and quality of the JUNG products. They are not always beautiful to look at – but their true strength lies within: they are robust, have adapted to the climate. They are resistant to external influences and diseases, in other words, they are armed against everything that comes from the outside. And that is why their taste is so outstanding: juicy, tart, sometimes sweet or sour, like no fruit from the supermarket can. And that is what makes JUNG products so special: the pure juice – naturally cloudy, directly pressed, without stabilisers. The fruit is processed gently, by hand and with love for nature in our own production facility in Köndringen. If raw materials are bought in addition to the own fruits, then only in organic quality and – especially for the exotic juices – fairly traded.

In addition to the direct juices, spritzers and ciders, JUNG also offers a high-quality apple and apple balsamic vinegar and, under the BRANDJUNG label, various brandies, liqueurs and other alcoholic specialities.

JUNG is also a cooperation partner of the NABU group Kaiserstuhl and a member of Slow Food Deutschland e.V.

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