Kiezbaum was founded in 2014 by Sebastian Grüner and Iwan (Wanja) Kunisch with the aim of making cider respectable in Germany. Its flavour was developed independently and Kiezbaum is stepping up to colour Germany as a white spot on the cider map. In terms of taste, Kiezbaum is not a French Cidre, Hessian Äppelwoi or Viez – Kiezbaum is cider (British style with German character), pressed & pressed with apples and pears from natural orchards!

It is available in two flavours.
Kiezbaum Cider Apple is a grown-up cider and tastes distinctly tart.
Kiezbaum Cider Pear is the counterpart to the tart Kiezbaum Cider Apple and tastes distinctly fruity.

Both ciders are fresh at 4.9ABV.

Photos & Video © Kiezbaum – Mainz

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