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Ramborn Cider Co. is Luxembourg’s first cider producer and credited with reviving a tradition that dates back tothe Romans. The purpose of Ramborn is to combat the climate crisis while supporting local economies andcommunities by protecting the natural environment in and around Luxembourg and reviving the culture of cidermaking.

The idea for the business came as three friends toured the UK, tasting local English ciders and sharing familystories of cider-making – known locally as “Viez”. From this, the three friends launched Ramborn, a contraction ofthe Rambo apple name and the city of Born where the cidery sits. Ramborn only uses fruits sourced fromtraditional meadow orchards to make its range of ciders and perries which are now exported to 12 marketsworldwide, spreading the word of Luxembourg’s cider-making heritage.

Ramborn Cider Co., has becomethe first cidery in Europe, the third cidery in the world, and the first consumer brand in Luxembourg,to achieve Certified B Corporation® status.

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