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Valtellina · Italy

Azienda Agricola dell Fatti Laura

The Del Fatti Laura farm is a small family business located in the beautiful setting of the Valtellina. Initially dedicated to the cultivation of apples, over the years it has been able to embark on an innovative path, transforming its high quality raw material into Melagodo sparkling cider.
The story of this product began on an ordinary day 10 years ago, when Simone, the son of the founder of the company, had an idea: to create something unique and not yet present in the area, but at the same time able to encapsulate the two elements of Valtellina par excellence: apples and wine.
From that moment on, Simone never stopped thinking about his project and even if, at the time, everything seemed too big and difficult, that idea continued to grow inside him and make room for itself.
That idea is so strong and urgent that it manages to capture the attention and curiosity of his whole family, who start working with him, supporting and encouraging him.
Time and passion were used to continuously improve the product that was born from each new apple harvest.
That intuition, born like that, almost by chance, on an ordinary day, is now a small reality, there to teach us and remind us that sometimes the best ideas are born in ordinary days and manage to become concrete reality thanks to passion and determination.
Today the farm continues to give its best to transform its apples, treasures of Valtellina, into a modern and fine sparkling cider to offer to those who are looking for authenticity and excellence.
Also in the future we will continue to grow Melagodo sparkling cider with attention to detail and love, to offer you a fresh and healthy product that you will never forget.

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