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Austria - Styria - St. Gallen

Wine with a panorama

The Veitlbauer farm is more than just apples, more than just wine, more than just a farm winery. It is also a place to linger, relax and enjoy. For the palate there is wine, for the eye a panorama that is intoxicating on its own even without wine. Here the Hochkar in the Göstlinger Alps on the border to Lower Austria, there the ruins of Gallenstein Castle in front of the spectacular rock faces of the Gesäuse Mountains. The setting is as extraordinary as the apples in the glass. The Weissensteiner family serves varieties that are hard to find in the supermarket.

Their vision: to produce a wine from apples, to press old varieties, to create high-quality products and make them presentable. The Gesäuse offers the perfect conditions for this project; after all, the Enns Valley was once one of Austria’s most apple-rich regions.

Some of the ciders from GenussMostHof Veitlbauer, however, are made from dessert fruit; the Weissensteiner family does not bottle rotten fallen fruit. On top of that, the Veitlbauer farm is organic: The GenussMostHof Veitlbauer is, after all, the only organic fruit farm in Upper Styria.

Its centrepiece: a cider that is truly more wine than must. This is reflected not least in the rich colour palette of the products: the entire spectrum of wines shines in the bottles, from very light to amber to ochre.