Abavas Family Winery

Abava Winery was once created as a romantic family business, but over the years with the merging of three families – Barkan, Gadzhi and Krasovsky, it has become a strong and growing brand that brings values ​​such as connection, craftsmanship and courage. to mark Latvia on the world wine map.

Ramborn Cider Co.

Ramborn Cider Co. is Luxembourg’s first cider producer and credited with reviving a tradition that dates back tothe Romans. The purpose of Ramborn is to combat the climate crisis while supporting local economies andcommunities by protecting the natural environment in and around Luxembourg and reviving the culture of cidermaking. The idea for the business came […]

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger – the pioneer and original of non-alcoholic aperitifs and food accompaniments. Jörg Geiger, a self-taught chef, discovered his fascination for meadow fruit and the production of drinks from it early on in his parents’ business. This led to a deep passion for old fruit varieties and their cultivation and processing. Drinks made […]

Veitlbauer Genussmosthof

In the midst of the Gesäuse mountains lies the northernmost organic fruit farm in Styria, the Genussmosthof Veitlbauer. With profound expertise and a love of apples, we press old and new apple varieties into enjoyable ciders.