Manuel Busto Amandi

Bodegas Mayador has been present in the market with its products since 1939, initially producing and selling Natural Cider under the brand name M. Busto. Later, it expanded its range of products with the incorporation of Sparkling Ciders and Soft Drinks under the brand name MAYADOR, which thanks to their quality soon became a reference drink, not only nationally but in many international markets.

Manuel Busto think of his firm as a family company from the very beginning. After whole life devoted to it, he retired shortly after turning 80 years old. Even so, he never actually detached himself from it (that would have been a tall order), devoting the greater part of his last years to planting apple trees, till he died at the age of 92. Consuelo Busto Alonso, the youngest of his three daughters, who had already joined the company some years before, takes over then, becoming the architect of the new facilities, which opened in 2000, together with the definitive internationalization of the firm.

A born fighter, pioneering women´s role in the Asturian and Spanish entrepreneurial world, even more so in the cider sector, predominantly male- dominated, Consuelo became the first person within the company to travel wide, promoting products and opening new markets. Later, some third generation members of the Busto Alonso family have been joining the company so as to continue with the work Manuel Busto and Consuelo Alonso started off back then, to go on treading along the same successful path which combines tradition and innovation and to keep building the future of this family business through their endeavor.

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