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Stand Regionalverband

Hesse - Germany

We, Julia & Andreas Schneider, turned our hobby into a vocation in 2013. We developed a passion for fruit and regional products as early as our childhood and we want to infect others with this passion. With our orchards, we practise the traditional form of fruit growing. form of fruit growing. High-stemmed apple trees of different ages and varieties and species-rich livestock support our endeavours to produce a near-natural product. We determine the right time to harvest using the knowledge we have inherited and
and start harvesting the early ripe apples as early as September. Our late-ripening apples until mid-November. After mushing and pressing, the sweetener is pasteurised and bottled without bottled without additives. This means that our apple juice is 100% natural. The sweetener, which is allowed to ferment into fine wines, is stored in cool, dark rooms until bottling. in cool and dark rooms until bottling. In order to obtain a full-bodied flavour, we give our cider our cider the time it needs.