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Stand E06

Hesse - Germany

A few years ago, we founded the “Artbembel” brand, under which we create art and merchandise items centred around the Bembel and cider. The centrepiece is our modern Bembel in a matt look, which we offer in various sizes and motifs. Popular Bembel motifs include the Frankfurt skyline, family crests, company logos, modern ornamental Bembel or freestyle according to customer requirements. Our Eintracht Artbembel, which we have been producing as an official licence partner of the SGE since the beginning of 2023, are very popular. Together, we develop new ideas for the Eintracht Artbembel and Dayanna Moya, the company’s artist, realises them in her unique style, making each of the hand-painted Artbembel in a matt look one of a kind.