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Gutshof Kraatz

Stand E09

Germany · Brandenburg · Uckermark

We produce wines, sparkling wines and ciders from old orchards in the north-west of the Uckermark. The diversity and aromatic quality of the historic fruit assortment is so valuable that it should be preserved. The calculation is simple: if we do not utilise these old fruit varieties – apples, pears, cherries, plums …, they will soon no longer exist, as the effort required to harvest the fruit and care for the trees is high. Only the development of high-quality products will incentivise people to value and preserve the trees on which the fruit grows.

I am motivated to find out what these fruits are best suited for. For example, we will only preserve the red-striped yellow sheep’s nose, a characteristic, rare apple variety of the region, if we process it successfully. The same applies to almost every other old variety. Some are suitable for processing into first-class wines. We started doing this in 2011 and produce around 30,000 bottles of different wines every year and are delighted with our successful experiments and flavour experiences from the fruits of our surroundings in the Uckermark.