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Champagne - France

Located in the Champagne region, Marianne & Jeff, sibling, elaborate an artisanal cider with a blend of acidic apples coming from their region. The apples are crushed and pressed at the estate, before they get vinify. Crafted in stainless steel vats, they choose the ancestral method to elaborate their ciders.
Marianne & Jeff are the fourth generation of a champagne growing family ; because their father is also a farmer, they decided to diversify the activities of the estate. In the past, in Champagne region, there were a lot more cider makers. But since the champagne get developed, the orchards were uprooted and forgotten. Last December, Marianne & Jeff had planted 180 apple trees that will be used in the future to elaborate special micro cuvée. On the other side, the cider estate is under construction and will welcome the future cider production very soon !