Obstkelterei van Nahmen

“Commitment to tradition” is a motto that has guided our private press house for more than 100 years. To us, tradition also means innovation, as it takes continuous improvement and further development to create a tried-and-tested product. Our great-grandfather Wilhelm van Nahmen founded a Rhineland apple butter operation in 1917. In the 1930s, production shifted to apple juice from the local region. The juice is pressed from apples grown on tall trees found in the mixed orchards typical of the Lower Rhine and Münsterland regions. We are still helping to preserve these orchards today, and have been committed to a premium price concept with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union NABU since 1994.

Rare fruit varieties from the Lower Rhine and other gourmet regions have been pressed into single-variety juices since 2007. Each juice has its own distinctive flavour. This particular flavour is also the trademark of our traditional company’s innovative products, such as our non-alcoholic fruit seccos, a successful alternative to champagne and sparkling wine. Our fruit seccos draw on more than a hundred years of history at our family company, which will continue to remain true to the traditional principles of its ancestral press house to produce new, aromatic products. Enjoy the pure taste of nature with us.

Photos & video © Obstkelterei van Nahmen – Hamminkeln

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