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Metal House Cider is a small farm winery and cidery, run by my husband and partner Matt Di Francesco and myself, Kimberly Kae. We manage 10 acres of historic (and stunningly beautiful) orchards in Esopus NY, as sustainably as possible i.e. mostly organic with some exploratory forays into biodynamic management. We produce an average of 600-2000 gallons of cider and wine annually with an emphasis on the traditional method and long aging in the bottle. We disgorge each bottle by hand after 9-36 months in the bottle. We sell to some terrific restaurants and bottle shops in NYC and all over the Hudson Valley. Every year we plant new blocks of cider varietals on large rootstock and old spacing. We’re proud of our companion planting system built around russian comfrey and biodynamic herbs between trees within the row. Soon we will be moving our business and home to a farm of our own, where we can eventually open a tasting room to the public, while also continuing to manage ‘our’ trees in Esopus.