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Germany - Saarland

Every Viez was first of all an apple. The apple became apple juice. The apple juice becomes Viez.

To make a tasty Viez, you need healthy fruit. This is supplied by the orchards along the Viez road. Good care of the fruit trees is a basic prerequisite, because healthy fruit only grows on healthy trees. When fully ripe, they develop the best aroma for the Viez. The taste is influenced by the selected varieties, their individual aromas, their sweetness or acidity. Viez produced from a single variety are very popular. Cleanly collected and washed, the ripe apples are crushed in the fruit mill and then pressed in the winepress. The juice is then put into a clean barrel where it is fermented into Viez. Natural yeasts are added to get the fermentation process going quickly and to avoid faulty fermentation. A little sulphur is added to preserve the wine. Then the delicious Viez is ready and can be bottled.