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Cider Explorer

Cider Explorer

Bringing you one step closer to the pleasures of cider drinking in Europe. Cheers!

My name is Natalia, PharmD by training, currently living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. And, I am a cider aficionado. If you had asked me a few years ago about cider, I would have told you that cider is most probably a kind of beer flavoured with apple juice. A lot has changed in my life since then. I’ve discovered cider and developed a passion for this exciting beverage, started reading about cider making, learned about apple varieties, cider styles and how they typically taste in various parts of the world. I fell in love and decided that I want to spread my passion for cider.

Sadly, it’s still quite a challenge to find good cider in this
part of Europe. But it’s slowly changing! Cider makers from other countries than the UK, France or Spain can craft a really decent cider. So my goal is to explore cider from various European countries, share my opinion on ciders and increase awareness about cider available mainly in Europe.

In addition, by visiting cider bars, cider shops, cider makers and attending cider festivals across Europe; being active on social media and giving you the feedback I intend to promote cider culture and raise awareness about quality craft cider.

If you enjoy what you’re reading here or wish to share your thoughts with me please do reach out to me. I’m always happy to talk about cider.