Haritz Rodriguez
Haritz Rodriguez
Haritz Rodriguez


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Haritz Rodriguez AKA Ciderzale is a Basque journalist and cider enthusiast who works as a marketing and internationalization consultant in the tourism and agri-food sectors.

He promoted the creation of the international cider tourism network Ciderlands and collaborates as organizer, speaker and judge in several international cider fairs and competitions such as Sagardo Forum, Cider World Frankfurt, World Cider Awards and CidrExpo.

 His customers include cider producers from the Basque Country, United States, United Kingdom, Norway and Ireland. He organizes conferences and world cider tastings and owns an online store called Zukue, which markets cider and other drinks such as craft beer or natural wine.

 In recent years Haritz has become a recognized expert on world ciders, the different styles, their elaboration and their history. He even makes his own homemade cider, trying to give a new touch to the traditional Basque cider. A global sight from a local point of view.

Member of judgement panel at CiderWorld Award Frankfurt

Photo © Haritz Rodriguez