Ambassador Yasawa Foto 1
Aiko Yasawa

Pomme de Liaison

My wish is to always act as a liaison between the world and Japan from southern Nagano.

The first contact with Frankfurter Cider Messe was in 2011, I supported to exhibit one of Japanese cidermaker. I visited there next year again, I often witnessed there. That is something like a sense of unity, energy and courage when each area that seem to be isolated connect. Then I am addicted to Cider World.

We established NPO Int’l Apple & Cider Association in 2013 at IIDA, NAGANO. The cider industry, market, and culture are just started in our region. We dazzling decorate on “International”, but our true motive is we have to learn from over the world as a newcomer.

At 2016, We arranged a team of Japanese cidermakers and was elected as an honor country. That was our pleasure.

From my experience of familiar with Japanese cider as usual, I was invited as a jury taster in 2019. I was able to meet some excellent ciders all over the world, especially made from dessert apple. 

Our main purpose is development of human resources for Japanese cider. We offer seminars to lean what is cider and give a certification of “pomme de liaison”.

And more, we have launched up the cider tourism project in our region from 2019. One of activity is Global Cider Connect, co-operate with inCiderJapan.

We are looking forward the future that synergistic exchange of cidermakers and cider-lovers over the region or countries. If you visit Japan, don’t passed through NAGANO.

Photo © Aiko Yasawa