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Though cider is still a relatively small part of the overall beverage industry, the United States is the third largest producer and consumer of cider in the world today. In the last 15 years the number of producers has grown steadily, and there are now more than 1,200 commercial producers in the US. Many American cider producers are growing at least a portion of the apples they use, and the vast majority are sourcing locally grown apples and juice even when they don’t grow the fruit themselves. Commercial cider is produced in all fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii. The US is a large country with widely varying topographies, climates, and growing conditions all of which have an impact on the flavors of ciders grown and made in different regions. Although pockets of European apple cider cultivars grown and used in the US, many producers have embraced North American heirloom apples such as Esopus Spitzenburg, Newtown Pippin, Golden Russet, Hewe’s Crab, Winesap, and McIntosh, many of which were important for cidermaking up through the 19th century. Amongst small producers, ciders made from wild foraged apples are increasingly popular as are co-fermentations with grapes and other fruits. The fastest growing segment of the US cider industry are smaller regional cidermakers who can take full advantage of the unique apples grown in their area. Overall, it’s an exciting time for the US cider industry.