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France - Brittany - Vannes

“Master chef for 15 years, from A.O.C Pays d’Auge to Breton cider and organic ciders, I can only remember one thing: great ciders and perries exist, you just have to keep only the best and work with great parsimony.

These demanding methods led to seven long years of experimentation with the first Kystin vintage: XVII. The personal micro-production was put to the test by consumers, friends and colleagues, offering tastings year after year in order to obtain the perfect match between apples and chestnuts.

A long journey in which fruit, tradition and a taste for authenticity gradually mutated to offer Kystin.

Coming from a long line of Celts, originating centuries and centuries ago in the north of Scotland, passionate about Brittany and Normandy in particular, it was our duty to honour our ancestors and to perpetuate their values of pugnacity, high standards and altruism with Kystin.

Respecting our family motto “Fide and Fortitudine”, already used by our ancestor Sir William Cromar Sr (1385-1433), Earl of Cromar near Braemar in Aberdeenshire, we apply ourselves, with a lot of effort, care and know-how, to reach the level of requirement that Kystin wines require.” Sasha Crommar