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Gabe Cook


Gabe Cook ist The Ciderologist – der unbestrittene globale Cider-Experte. Durch erstklassiges und preisgekröntes Schreiben, Lehren, Probieren, Trainieren und Bewerten verändert er die Art und Weise, wie die Welt Cider denkt und trinkt.
Gabe Cook is the Ciderologist – the undisputed global cider expert. Through first-class and award-winning writing, teaching, trying, training and evaluation, he changes the way the world thinks and drinks cider.


„Gabe is unique in the cider world. His deep knowledge of all aspects of the category, explained in an engaging and commercially-minded way, sets him apart. In particular his technical knowledge has allowed us to take a much more accelerated route into ma


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