Gutshof Kraatz

As with many useful plants, the diversity of old traditional varieties of apples and pears is threatened because human living and eating habits have changed. It is like with old, listed buildings: without a use, there is no preservation in the long run.

By using the old fruit varieties in our production, we offer an incentive for the owners to maintain and preserve their old tree stands. By planting new old varieties, we can help preserve regional diversity for future generations. In this way, apple varieties can be preserved and replanted, such as: Adams Parmäne, Winterzitronenapfel Lausitzer Nelkenapfel, Kanada Renette or Gestreifter Kardinal.

Although the Uckermark has never traditionally been a cider region, it is surprisingly rich in resources for cider production. There are historical reasons for this. After the collapse of the GDR economy, many up to 100-year-old high-trunk fruit stands were left unused in East Germany. The varieties date back to times when inner, aromatic qualities were still valued much more highly than outer appearance.

CiderWorld'20 Award

2020 CiderWorld Award Gold

2018 Schwarze Katze

Wilde Kerle
2018 Schöner von Boskoop Schaumwein
2018 Alte Mostbirnen Schaumwein

2017 Altländer Pfannkuchenapfel Schaumwein