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Manufaktur Jörg Geiger – the pioneer and original of non-alcoholic aperitifs and food accompaniments.

Jörg Geiger, a self-taught chef, discovered his fascination for meadow fruit and the production of drinks from it early on in his parents’ business. This led to a deep passion for old fruit varieties and their cultivation and processing. Drinks made from old apple and pear varieties are now enjoying new popularity. Jörg Geiger owes this not least to the “diva” of old pear varieties, the champagne roast pear.

Today, Jörg Geiger is known far beyond the country’s borders for his knowledge of meadow fruit trees. Whether modern knowledge or old techniques and methods, Jörg Geiger combines tradition and innovation. This results in unique WiesenObst creations. Today, sustainable and nature-preserving work is his drive and constant motivation. His focus is on preserving healthy soils as well as ancient trees and fruit varieties. He wants to make meadow fruit owners proud again and give the

give the harvest a new appreciation. For anyone interested, Jörg Geiger provides insights into the WiesenObst world in his monthly YouTube videos.

Both the sparkling wines and the non-alcoholic beverages of the Jörg Geiger manufactory are a testimony to origin, craftsmanship and passion. From non-alcoholic enjoyment for the whole family to complex, multi-layered and perhaps a little crazy creations, there is something for every taste. For alcoholic enjoyment, the noble brandies are ideal as gifts or digestifs, and for a relaxing end to the day, our WiesenObst cider is a nice option.


Through Swabian ambition and diligence, but also through Jörg Geiger’s knack for WiesenObst, Manufaktur Jörg Geiger has developed an exciting and versatile range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic WiesenObst specialities. If you are interested in tasting your way through the keyboard of Swabian WiesenObst products, you have come to the right place.

We hope you enjoy discovering, browsing and, of course, tasting our products.

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger – the pioneer and original of non-alcoholic aperitifs and accompaniments to food.

Our old apple and cider pear varieties come from the orchards along the bird sanctuary at the foot of the Swabian Alb – ripened, hand-picked and gently processed in our manufactory. Sustainability and nature conservation, as well as working close to nature, are our goals, as well as the preservation of our cultural landscape. For this reason, we exclusively process old Swabian meadow fruit varieties from deep-rooted, high-trunk stands from the region.
The juices of these old varieties form their distinctive aroma, with the unique acidity of old apple varieties and the accentuated tannin note of the pear, a completely natural and healthy basis – completely without alcohol.

Since 2003, Jörg Geiger has been creating unique drinks with a complexity, depth and variety of flavours from old fruit varieties using over 200 spices, 70 herbs and 20 flowers.

100% taste – 0% alcohol – nuanced, complex and varied, like an exquisite sparkling wine. Real pleasure – completely without alcohol, like our PriSeccos – popular and well-known.

Cider World Award

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