Skarbø Gard

On the Skarbø farm we build on long traditions and solid artisanry to create unforgettable taste experiences. Nestled by the Storfjord in Sunnmøre, the Skarbø farm has existed since the Viking age, and is run by 8th generation Kristine and Carlos Ruiz-Skarbø. We strive to run the farm in a truly sustainable manner. Our organic […]

Sandalen Gård

Sandalen farm is Randaberg’s first fruit farm. The farm switched from animal husbandry and grass production to modern dense fruit plantations in 2011. The first juice was produced in 2012. In 2014, the juice became available from various unattended outlets and at the market square in Stavanger. Today, the farm has over 5000 apple trees […]

Egge Gård

Egge Gård is located in the middle of the farming village of Lier, facing south with a view over the entire valley. Today, about 250 tonnes of strawberries are produced there every year. In addition, around 100 tonnes of apples are harvested from the 30,000 apple trees every autumn. Today, the farm is run by […]

Hardanger Saft & Siderfabrikk

Hardanger Saft og Siderfabrikk is a traditional fruit farm with a large production of apple juice and cider. The family farm is situated on a south-facing slope with the best climate for fruit growing. Lekve used to grow apples, pears, plums and cherries, but today we only grow apples.


OmCider is produced at Fevoll farm in Hjelmeland, Norway, 36 meters above the fjord. From 20,000 trees set up in a neat system, we grow morels and apples of various varieties – primarily Norwegian apples, with a lot of acid and sweetness, but also bitter apples to balance the products. To us, it’s all about […]