Maison Gamet

Located in the Champagne region, Marianne & Jeff, sibling, elaborate an artisanal cider with a blend of acidic apples coming from their region. The apples are crushed and pressed at the estate, before they get vinify. Crafted in stainless steel vats, they choose the ancestral method to elaborate their ciders. Marianne & Jeff are the […]

Maison Ferré

The Ferré house is a family affair, our estate is a place of work and life. Everyone has the place they want to take. Sharing and transmission are the values that drive us. Grégoire Ferré, who has been passionate about arboriculture and cider-making since his youth, first worked with his parents, dairy farmers in Mauves-sur-Huisne […]

Cidrerie du Pays d’Auray

Our farm is located 10 minutes from the car and on the banks of the Ria d’Etel. We have been cider producers since 1998, when François took over the farm, which has three main activities: growing, breeding and cider. Our orchards are located in Locoal-Mendon and Crac’h. Since the beginning, we produce a farm cider, […]