Kelterei Nöll

As early as 1962, you could buy the home-pressed cider from the Nöll wine press. At that time, father Karl Nöll and his son Gerhard (today’s managing director) turned the cooperage, which had existed since 1876, into a wine press house. Even then, the Nölls had some wine pressing experience, because it is part of […]

Genussmosthof Veitlbauer

It Starts with a Vision The vision of raising traditional cider to a new level with state-of-the-art technology, knowledge and passion. An “apple (wine) garden” in the middle of the Enns Valley, in the Steirische Eisenwurzen Nature Park and Geopark, on the edge of the Gesäuse National Park, as well as old orchard meadows form […]

Gutshof Kraatz

As with many useful plants, the diversity of old traditional varieties of apples and pears is threatened because human living and eating habits have changed. It is like with old, listed buildings: without a use, there is no preservation in the long run. By using the old fruit varieties in our production, we offer an […]

Daheim im Lorsbacher Thal

Daheim im Lorsbacher Thal Fasskeller

Eat comfortably like at home and experience what is probably the largest cider list in the world. The tradition of this unique pub dates back to 1803, when the old Sachsenhausen apple wine aristocracy established its good reputation here, which we – without forgetting the tradition – revive with our contemporary interpretation of the “Frankfurter-Apfelwein-Wirtschaft”. […]